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élelmi rostok Dietary fibers support the digestive system: your body is able to burn calories over a shorter period of time. zöld kávé Caffeine refreshes your body and provides enough energy to perform daily tasks.
zöld kávé Extracted from green coffee, chlorogenic acid enhances metabolism, reduces fat storage and therefore prevents obesity. rostok Dietary fibers reduce the level of LDL cholesterol therefore reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
zöld kávé Dietary fibers decelerate the absorption of glucose. This way, the level of blood glucose remains stabile which is especially beneficial for people suffering from diabetes or trying to lose weight. Rost kávé Start a healthier lifestyle today with FIBER COFFEE: try our new product!


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"I have been drinking FIBER COFFEE for about a month now and I became a serious addict! Previously I have experienced heartburn but my symptoms disappeared. Fortunately, I should not have to give up on coffee yet my metabolism definitely improved!"

(P. Elena, Budapest, 27 years old)

"I face difficulties keeping my shape. I honestly do not eat much than I am used to and yet I am getting bigger and bigger. I first heard about FIBER COFFEE from my daughter. This product contains green coffee extract which is a serious help in weight loss. Recently, my husband has noticed change on my body as well."

(F. Éva, Miskolc, 55 years old)

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