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  • Our laboratory is an independent service provider for chemical analytics
  • Analysis are being performed independently, impartially and with expertise
  • The laboratory and consultancy service provided by us has complex (legal, technological, quality assurance etc.) standpoints
  • Our accreditation is broad
  • We apply the most modern and up-to-date analysis technologies
  • Our colleagues are widely respected professional expertsConsumer needs are being met effectively following a comprehensive analysis
  • Our service palette works in a close collaboration with the European WESSLING Network.

Food safety services:

• Analysis of food ingredients
Macro-ingredients (fat, protein, solids, fibers, sugar, carbohydrates)
Micro-ingredients (vitamins, micro elements, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, biologically active compounds, additives)
• Analysis of harmful ingredients (toxins)
Toxic components (toxic metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, antioxidants, preservatives, histamine, acrylamide, benzene, prohibited dyers)
• Analysis of leftovers from veterinarian pharmacies
• Analysis of allergens
• Analysis of sensory organs

Food microbiology services:

• Examination of pathogens and their toxins
• Determination of hygiene parameters
• Examination of quality assurance parameters (starter cultures)
• Examination of the effectiveness of antiseptics
• Cause and effect analysis of deterioration
• Challenge tests and introduction of predictive microbiology models
•Examination of environmental effects (Legionella)
• Examination of water activity
• Machine examinations (VIDAS, PCR, TEMPO)

RostkávéThe newest member of our coffee brand, FIBER COFFEE has also passed the WESSLING analysis. Its production has been classified 'excellent' by the international laboratory in Germany. FIBER COFFEE is free of harmful additives and its production is considered safe for human health.